What Makay does is life changing. she has helped me deal with the most painful parts of my life and put them away. That is perhaps the greatest gift anyone could receive from another person.

--Garth Haslem

Makay is a passionate and inspiring coach. She sees my strengths, and she encourages and empowers me to be the best I can be. She has the soul of an angel.

--Cally Hanna

Makay Tautu has helped me understand that I have many hidden power sources within me, and many more connected with my life purpose and my divine essence. She has facilitated pivotal energy clearings and awakenings for me...experiences that have literally reshaped my beliefs and my energetic resources. Makay is super sensitive to people and their spiritual workings. She is EXTRAordinarily gifted at calling forth truth and clearing space for others to rise and shine forth in their own lives. The visual and heart-felt experiences she has created for me are real and empowering. Blinders have come off, chains have fallen away, and my heart is so much lighter and joyful. Thank you, Makay. You are one of the miracle workers of our times!

--Merrilli McKee

Makay is one of the most authentic and passionate people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Almost immediately after seeking her help and our sessions together, I noticed huge shifts in my confidence and personal well-being which directly translated into increased productivity, profitability and opportunities personally and in my business. Closing in on the end of the best quarter and year of business to date, I know for certain the help from Makay has made all the difference. If you are ready to get to the next level and serious about putting in the work to get it done, do yourself a favor and invest in yourself and schedule your session ASAP with Makay. It will be the best move you've made in months!

--John Busch IV, Regional Vice President of Pike Creek Financial Group 

Makay is a very passionate, warm, extremely gifted energy coach. I have seen huge shifts and positive differences in my life from working with Makay. Makay has a special gift unlike any other, I highly recommend working with her, she is absolutely amazing!

--Bianca Rodregez 

I have absolutely loved this program! I have a long way to go, but I am making progress. I am beginning to shed useless beliefs that I have been carrying. This program has helped me to identify some  of the beliefs that aren't serving me! It has helped to open my heart to larger possibilities. Things on my team ore beginning to shift!! I am so grateful for this gift and for all of the help of the amazing Makay and her awesome team! Thank you so much!!


If you want to change any part of your personal life or business life, THIS is where you need to be!


I am so grateful for the meditation and soul searching that I have been able to do! Thank you for your time and effort! I enjoyed the vision board and was able to focus in on the things that I accomplish in the next few months. To be all in, and I'm grateful for these tools to help me to get there. Thank You!


I have felt some big shifts happening with the SOULCoaching. I'm a bit of a do-er and usually crazy busy and I've found that it's made me slow down and dig a bit deeper. I thin I've only just touched the surface of what is inside my heart and soul.


I love this program. I fefe it has the ability to take each of us to the next level by working at the heart and soul of each of us. Thank you, Makay Tautu and staff, for your swee kind works each week that help us deal with being mom-preneurers. Love it!


Makay is a bright light who has helped me overcome huge blocks and taught me how to shift my energy.  I will be forever grateful to her for sharing her gifts with me.

--Julie Haslem

All my life, I felt I had a great mission on this earth.  I felt compelled each day to seek it out...to move forward.  But....I felt so exhausted body, mind and soul that it seemed impossible to do so.  I struggled with EVERYTHING!!  Things that were so simple to everyone else, were so hard for me.  Organization was like a foreign language!   I was constantly sabatoging the progression in every aspect of my life (aware I was doing it) but unable to correct it.  Chaos, confusion, and frustration were always victorious and ever present.   I listened to self help tapes everyday for years. I went to therapy for months at a time. I prayed for miracles!  I cried...a lot. I felt worthless, stuck, alone and doomed to fail at everything!   One night I had a " nervous breakthrough."  I desperatley prayed for a miracle!  I prayed for God to send someone to help me heal because I was too broken and tired to do it by myself anymore.  The next day I met Makay Tautu.  I could feel and see her inner light and goodness.  Within a week  I had my first energy healing session with her, and it was truly life changing!  I sat in awe as she spoke with Gods spirit, and helped me sort out and understand emotions I had buried within me, and emotions that were hindering me that I was not aware of!   I felt a lightness and a brightness that I hadn't felt before.  I left feeling calm, peaceful, connected to God and my devine purpose. Makay's God given gifts helped me heal and let go of more pain, suffering and stagnant energy in one session, than I had felt in years of therapy!!  It was the beginning of a new and beautiful journey and I thank God for her and her amazing gifts everyday!