Is Your Team In Sync?
Team Synergy Call
What is Team Synergy?
The Team Synergy call is a group call designed to productively and collectively move your lives forward. Your team is strengthened by using tools and visualizations that create clarity and rejuvenation for each individual. When you are part of this experience, being surrounded by others who are likeminded and have common goals, the synergy created amplifies the results. Finding team synergy is enlightening and exciting!
How does it help my team?
Energy is a scientific force of nature, which we are either conducting or blocking its flow. The energy we hold has everything to do with the results we are witnessing in our lives, our relationships and our businesses. in a team situation, it is imperative that everyone is in sync and though their lives are different, their perspective is the same. That's what we do! Sync powerful positive perspective! Isn't it interesting that, often times there is a correlation or pattern of emotional blocks on a team resulting in holding members back from their potential? Team synergy can be accomplished by addressing  the common energy blocks, clearing negative mindsets and working together  to raise the team vibration. 
How does it work?
Your team joins a one hour group call with Makay Tautu once a week for 4 weeks. Prior to the first call each member will complete a form with their current successes and struggles. This allows Makay to see the patterns that are manifesting in your team. The weekly call will be directed to the needs of the team. It is highly effective when attending the call that participants are in a quiet place and able to focus on the material. 
Please Note:
Makay's synergy work is based on the certitude that all light and positive energy comes from a Higher Power, God. Although not religiously based, references to light, the soul and God are likely.
*The cost can be split between participants if desired, but must be paid in one sum.
*To request a Team Synergy Call, complete form below.