Your Beautiful Soul

Personal Session

I believe wholeheartedly that the best way to bring out your inner strengths and redefine your life's mission, is to go SOUL deep!  We do this by Identifying the emotional road blocks that make your dreams and goals feel unreachable.  We will work together to redefine the things in your life that are holding you back.  You will gain clarity of your hopes and dreams, and learn how to manifest them into reality.  I'ts time to rewrite your life's story!  You are the author and I will help guide you to new and exciting paths to self discovery.


This is how I work...

Our beings consist of many elements, from the physical and mental to the emotional and spiritual. synergetic Healing works through all the aspects of self, to eliminate limiting blocks, open energetic pathways and bring balance to our minds and bodies. 

SOUL encompass our journey towards uplifting opportunities. By shifting your focus, tapping into your space of creation, and letting yourself revile in the light, we can discover those opportunities in your life that con awaken the soul and enlighten your true potential. 

Because of the nature of Synergetic Healing, our sessions may vary in length, and thus price. My goal is to leave you feeling lighter, cleared and focused after each session, which may take more or less time, according to your individual needs. With this in mind, my rates are $125 per hour and each session will be pro rated accordingly. Payment will be expected at the time of service, at the conclusion of the session and can be made via credit card, Pay Pal or Square Cash.