Perspective Is Everything

Our mission is to spark the divinity within women and awaken the archetypes.  We help quiet the chaos and enlighten, nourish and empower the soul.  Women will understand and purify their true identity and destination. We will help bring healing, light, love, hope and passion to their lives. We will re-light the hearts of women to beautiful, authentic, SOUL inspired living!

Generational Healing

Course begins Wednesday May 16, 2018 @ 7:30p.m. MDT

Your story will change as you understand the patterns that are getting in the way. Freedom, clarity and empowerment replace feeling stuck or anxious. Unlock the generational abundance blocks and re-write your new story.                                       

Team Synergy

Are you working with a team to accomplish your goals? So often, our team is in sync in the wrong areas. This is a group call, specifically designed to help each participant to identify what is holding them back from their potential. The team rises together as each individual clears their limiting beliefs and personal abundance blocks! This call was designed for businesses in a team setting, but could certainly be powerful with a group of friends looking to uplevel their lives. 

SOUL Spark

One of my favorite things in the entire universe is to connect with other people!  I love that moment when I get a glimpse of who they really are. Despite feeling uninspired, stuck and living in the past,  potential for enlightenment and self discovery shines through!



Personal Session

Life & business coaching are my passion! In a personal session, you can expect to identify negative emotions or experiences you are holding on to and learn to release them, allowing you to move forward in your life/business. Tools such as breathing techniques, visualizations, declarations, etc. are often used to discover a new purposeful perspective and understanding of who your truly are and what you are capable of.